Buah hawa a.k.a buah zuriat

>> Friday, January 16

Mr. Hubs' aunt just came back from Mecca last weekend and bought buah hawa for us. She was distributing souvenirs to her siblings/nieces/nephews when suddenly handed to hubby a plastic bag contain of 2 oval shape thingy which i 1st confused what that is. It was hard, brownish and quite light. I was like, ok, what is this? When Su, Mr. Hubs' tok sedara said "kata nak baby". (I actually asked Mr. Hubs's aunt to pray for us to cepat-cepat dapat baby, instead she brought us this buah hehe). Then i was like, ouh ok. Then they explained that this buah hawa could "help" us to get baby. We 1st need to peel off the skin which is sooooo doesnt look like one. Sangat keras ok. She said better to boil it 1st to soften skin. (But it doesnt work. It does not soften at all. I have to scraped it.). Then grate the flesh (which again doesnt look like a flesh) and pour hot water and some honey to make it taste better.

I finally made the drinks yesterday after a week gotten it from Cik Jah. I tried to taste it raw, it taste like qurma. Sweet and yummy. I like it. Smells sweet too. After several research made thru the net, i now had a better picture about this buah hawa. From the net, i found that there are sooo many ways to prepare the drinks. Some boil it, some grate it but me just followed the instruction given by Cik Jah. Some people said it works and conceived after 2 months consume it, some took about 4 months and some does not conceive at all. To me, getting pregnant is one's rezeki. Not that i dont believe the "khasiat" of this buah hawa, but i always believe whatever happened to one's life datangnya dari Allah swt. Anyway, to me, this buah hawa or also know as buah zuriat is some sort like a "catalyst" to help you to get pregnant. What do you think?

.:Buah hawa or buah zuriat (can get them from Mecca or Madinah):.

.:The flesh is brownish dan bersabut:.

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merpati66 January 19, 2009 at 1:33 PM  

hehe akak baru pertama kali tengok buah nie jugak ..

Sha January 19, 2009 at 11:57 PM  

Salam Kak,
saya pun baru 1st time tau n tgk. Tp review in the net sangat memberangsankan ;)

azur/akhir January 27, 2010 at 11:08 PM  

1st time tgk..then 1st time tau buah ni ade khasiat for conceive..yela bkn sbb buah tu..pape pn dr NYA kan..tp kite ikhtiar..so u mcmmn, ade gud news lps mnum buah tu..shared lar...tq.

Anonymous June 7, 2011 at 11:57 PM  

buah zuriat di jual 3 biji rm100.. boleh hubungi saya 0129592910

Anonymous January 19, 2012 at 9:22 AM  

salam, hye name sy as,
sy dh try buah zuriat ni, memang berkesan alhamdulilah, tp syg coz sy kegugugran.

sesiapa yg belum cuba try la ye.
kirim la sesiapa yg pg haji umrah.
ianya jauh lebih murah disana.


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